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Frequently asked questions

It’s very simple, You are paying us to play on your LoL account and improve your rank (SoloQ Boost) or to play with you for the same goal (DuoQ Boost).


Instantly one of our hand-picked Master/Challenger Boosters will begin to boost your account.


Hopefully , Our ELO Boost services are  available for most of servers: NA,EUW, EUNE,OCE LAN, LAS and Turkey.  


Sure, you can spectate the booster through our website or through a smurf account that you have on your main account’s friend’s list. 

Sure thing You can contact your booster for any questions whatever you want by using the league of legends client chat interface or any personal app you want .

Hopefully Yes! You can select the DuoQ Boost from our boosting plans and you will be able to play with your  booster. 

Services vary based on the details of each order, but our players are recognized to be the fastest boosters on the market. At least too divisions per day in an average. 

Boosters are not allowed to use your IP/RP unless you give them permission to do . 

Expert Team Members

High Elo

We work with High Elo booster from Diamond 1 to Challenger


Efficient and fast boosters. No need for waiting one or two days are enough to reach you goal.


Friendly and responsive customer service agents and boosters.

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